Workforce Management

Our on-site partnerships bring the added assurance of having a dedicated expert on-site.

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Comprehensive Workforce Management Solutions
On-Site Partnership Program

LSI Staffing Solutions provides a tailored solution when facilities require a substantial workforce with intricate staffing and HR demands. Our team can implement a site-specific program, embedding our experts directly within your facility to work hand in hand with your production team. Under this program, we establish an office within your facility where our staffing leaders provide real-time, hands-on support, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, and reduced turnover.

As an extension of your team, our staffing experts immerse themselves in your organizational culture, offering guidance and instruction and conducting interviews with job seekers as required.

Our on-site partnerships bring the added assurance of having a dedicated expert on-site. We assist with orientations and initial training and ensure the seamless onboarding of associates for permanent roles. This partnership includes helping with new hire paperwork and orientation processes.

For the production aspect, we stand by your side every step of the way. Our on-site staffing teams regularly evaluate employee performance to gauge their alignment with assignment requirements. They spend time in each department of the plant, engaging with Supervisors and Team Leaders to identify manpower needs or shortages. The On-Site Supervisor then makes necessary workforce adjustments to accommodate each department. These interactions encompass discussions on performance, acknowledgment of achievements, and addressing challenges, with detailed notes taken for corrective action during non-production periods.

Reports are generated from the time clock system and cross-referenced with department sheets. In case of absent employees, we notify the branch office and communicate with the client to rectify any inaccuracies in employee tracking sheets. All pertinent information and reports are available to Human Resources and presented in traditional and graphical formats. The Branch Leader and On-Site Supervisor collaborate to identify trends within departments and specific shifts, striving to enhance performance and boost employee retention.

Workforce Management Reports

Our comprehensive workforce management reports cover a range of critical aspects, including:

  • Daily Attendance
  • Employee Satisfaction Level
  • Employee Tenure
  • On-site Manager
  • Employee Hours (Regular/Overtime)
  • Workforce Performance
  • Corrective Action Comparison


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