Employee Evaluation Assessment

Training classes are conducted at our branch office locations, training institutes, client sites, and seminar facilities, including educational institutions with whom we have partnerships.

Employee Evaluation Services

Our Employee Evaluation Services offer a comprehensive solution for assessing prospective employees, ensuring they fit your organization perfectly. By conducting thorough assessments, we aim to minimize turnover, enhance productivity, foster loyalty, and boost overall job satisfaction. Additionally, we extend these services to facilities and organizations seeking to streamline employee screening processes. We provide a range of individual services and can customize packages to suit your unique needs, including:

  1. Behavioral/Personality Assessment
  2. Local & National Background Checks
  3. Drug & Alcohol Testing
  4. Motion & Movement Testing
  5. Employment Verification
  6. Physical Dexterity Assessment
  7. Industry & Client-Specific Testing
  8. Safety Knowledge Assessment

Tailored to Your Company’s Requirements!

Our assessment services cater to your specific verifications in line with your company’s unique needs, requirements, and policies. Take, for instance, our Drug Screening service:

Drug Screening Options

Our Drug Screening service offers multiple testing options, each with varying costs. Depending on your preferences and the urgency of your response, we can conduct in-house tests for as few as five drugs or as many as needed. These tests yield instant results, enabling swift decision-making for employers, all while being cost-effective.

Our testing options also include urine testing and oral fluid testing. Some tests require more extensive lab work, leading to longer response times and higher expenses. Alternatively, we offer hair testing as an option in the process.

Our goal is to provide you with a flexible and thorough assessment toolkit to ensure the ideal fit for your organization while accommodating your budget and response time constraints.


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