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LSI Staffing Solutions Empowers Success

LSI Staffing Solutions is a distinguished recruitment, staffing, and placement agency with a track record of delivering a wide array of human resources and staffing services for over 54 years. We pride ourselves on providing personalized and professional care.

As a locally owned staffing company based in Memphis, we employ rigorous screening, assessment, and evaluation processes to ensure the utmost satisfaction for both clients and employees. Whether a single employee placement or a comprehensive on-site workforce management program, LSI is fully equipped to fulfill any client’s need.

In today’s dynamic business environment, companies of all sizes grapple with constant technological, economic, and operational changes. Effective staffing solutions require seasoned experts who take action and think strategically.

The right partner will be there for the long haul. Our seasoned workforce partnership, coupled with LSI’s team of trusted advisors, can also assist in implementing additional recruitment-related tasks such as administrative support, workers’ compensation, and training, thereby minimizing risks, boosting returns, and adding substantial value to your business.

The LSI Staffing Solutions Team provides the specialized team members necessary to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your office or facility. Our experienced recruiters and staffing specialists are here to offer unwavering support. LSI remains dedicated to delivering top-notch quality and service, a commitment that permeates every aspect of our organization.

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Our Journey Since 1970

Our History!

In the early 1970s, Memphis was a vital junction for goods transported along the Mississippi River and the railroad system. Just a stone’s throw from the river, LSI established our first branch to assist employers in distributing raw materials and finished products. LSI was conceived as a seven-day-a-week office, providing industrial job opportunities and an innovative daily pay option. Our company was born as a workforce solution and a trusted partner for businesses serving as crucial links in the supply chain.

The success of this initial model and staffing program paved the way for decades of growth and expansion. LSI broadened its services to encompass long-term, skilled employees, including clerical, accounting, and professional personnel. This transformation has led us to our current incarnation as a “full-service” staffing and human resource solutions provider. Being “full-service” means we can meet our customers’ staffing needs, setting us apart from staffing companies specializing in one specific area or niche. While only some services are available at some locations, the LSI family of service divisions supports nearly all industries, with few exceptions.

Today, our senior leadership team represents the third generation of staffing experts dedicated to the success of others. Truly great companies are rarely built by a single talent or led by one individual. Teams consistently outperform individuals, and together, we accomplish more. LSI is no exception; every role within our organization is interconnected, with each team member as a vital link in the chain. We continue to thrive by helping other organizations achieve their successes. Today, we remain dedicated staffing partners with local and national companies in the region to provide top talent for all industries. Our staffing family remains committed to your success and actively contributes to developing the next generation of servant leaders. We eagerly anticipate your involvement in our story as we persist in connecting communities with opportunities.


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